The Cornercart platform currently has 2 Shopify apps. They were designed to work both individually and together in an integrated fashion.

If you install more than one app from Cornercart, the code size remains small because a lot of common code is not duplicated with each new app you add to your store.

Getting Help on Installation, Features or Customizations

Our team is available for help and hearing from our customers is always a delight for us. Ping us in chat (always in your Corner ) or send us an email and we will get back quickly.

Visit the overview page of each app in the "Features & Tips" category, to dive deeper into it's support articles

Feel free to ping us even just to chat about Shopify or feature ideas you may have or about running your own business. We are always up for a good conversation about anything e-commerce related.

Oh, one more thing: we are using Microsoft translate, when we are chatting in languages other than English with you. And machine translations are not perfect. If something we say sounds awkward, feel free to correct us.

Getting Help with your Account

We can help you with any changes you need, either to your billing plan, trial etc or regarding data privacy, GDPR etc. If something is not evident, just ping us in chat.

For more in-depth articles on this topic, visit the "Manage your Account" section

Our Apps

Sticky Add-To-Cart | Mini-Cart

An easy way to improve conversions on your store, especially on mobile, sticky-add-to-cart supports language and currency translations and a LOT of customizations!

SupportCorner | FAQ App

Getting your customer's questions answered will help reduce abandoned carts and improve life time value of your customers. We built SupportCorner with the same customer support philosophy that we stand by for our own business.
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