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OffersCorner: FAQs on Klaviyo Setup

1) Will the tag be on order or customer?
:- The tag will be on a customer who creates the referral code.

2) Do we need to manually add the referrer to Klaviyo?
:- No, When a subscriber signs up as a referrer, they are automatically updated to Klaviyo. And also for that customer we add a tag
For example corner-referrer-cid-173 (the last 3 digits are the campaign id).

2) Is there a way to filter in Klaviyo the ones that have received a cashback?
:- Not at the moment. (coming soon)

3) How does the tag look like?
:- Tag is constructed in the following format corner-referrer-cid-<campaign-id>
For example, for the campaign named simple referral 1 the tag will be

4) Do we need to use the Public or a Private API key?
:- Public API key
To get Public API Key: Go to Klaviyo Account...>Navigate to Settings...>API Keys and copy the Public API Key

5) is there a property to add the referral code?
:- Yes, here is a sample email.

Hi {{ first_name }},

This is an email just for you. We hope you like it.

Your referral code is: {{person|lookup:'Corner Referral Code'}}

The Team

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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