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CornerCart Pricing Plan

We have both Fixed Rate billing plan and Usage Based Flexible billing plans.

At Corner we have 3 types of Billing plans to choose from:

Free plan : You can use our app with limited features
Fixed Rate Billing: Based on your Shopify Billing Plan you'll be charged a fixed amount every month. You'll get access to all features
Usage Based Billing: In this plan your billing will be based on the orders you have in your store. So each month we will recalculate the amount you have to pay based on the number of orders you got that month

Free Plan

If you select our free plan you can use our Cart drawer and Sticky Bar . But in this plan you will not get access to campaigns and automations. Plus there will be a small branding on our widgets

Fixed Rate billing

If you select our Fixed rate billing plan you'll get a 7 day free trial ! After that, you will be billed based on your current Shopify billing plan (see below for more details on pricing).

Shopify PlanFixed Monthly Cost
Shopify Basic15 USD/month
Shopify29 USD/month
Advanced Shopify59 USD/month
Shopify Plus99 USD/month

Usage Based Billing

If you select our Usage Based Billing plan you'll be charged at the end of every 30 days based on the orders that you got in your store during that period. How we calculate the payable amount is based on the following table

Monthly Order CountAmount Payable at the end of the month


In the Free plan can we create campaigns ?
No inside the free plan you will not be able to create campaigns & automations

Do I get charged multiple times a month?
No. We only charge you once a month.

When do I get charged each month in usage based plan?
We start billing on the day after the 7 days free trial period.

For example, the usage record created on April 26 will appear on the next 30 day billing cycle.

Do I have to pay if I'm using a Development Store?
No, you don't have to pay now. Please note the charges will be applicable when dev changes to any other Shopify plan.

Do I get charged if I delete the app within the 7 Day trial period?
No, there won't be any charges.

I'm already in a legacy plan (installed before 23rd Nov 2022). Am I required to upgrade to this pricing model?
There's no need to change your plan if you are happy with the existing features. You will be able to use all the features you signed up for without any limitations. You only need to upgrade if you wish to try our latest features like Cart Goal Campaigns, Upsells etc.

Please note that if you uninstall the app going forward, you will not be able to select the legacy pricing plan if you decide to re-install the app.

Updated on: 12/04/2023

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