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How to Customize the products shown in the cart upsell?

In the CornerCart app, we use Shopify's native product recommendations to show recommended products/upsell products to customers in the cart drawer.

However, if you'd like to customize the products that are shown, you can use the Shopify app "Search & Discovery" to choose specific products to recommend.

To customize the product recommendations in the Cart Upsell feature:

Install the Shopify Search & Discovery app using this link.

In the Search & Discovery app, go to the "Recommendations" section.

Click "Add Recommendations" and then select "Customize Product Recommendations".

Choose the product that you'd like to add recommendations to, and browse to select it.

Scroll down to "Add Related Products" and browse to select products that you think would be good addons to the selected product.

By default Shopify will automatically select a few products that they seem fit to recommend. These products will be highlighted with a "Auto-generated" tag. If you dont want these items in your recommendation just check the check box marked "Hide the auto generated recommendations "

Click "Save" to apply your customized product recommendations. They will now be shown in the Cart Upsell feature in the CornerCart app.|||

Updated on: 09/03/2023

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