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How to add a $0.00 product as free gift in cart goals

In Cart goals you have the option to rewards the customer with a free product ($0.00 priced product) when a cart goal is met.

Do this, if you really want to give a product for $0.00 price only. We recommend giving products with price.

So before you select the product in our app you'll have to do the following

Create a product in Shopify and add Product title and images
Create a product

Change its price to 0$
Change the price to 0

Change the Product Type to : free_product

Make sure the product doesn't goes out of stock
Either turn off "Track Quantity" or check the checkbox shown in this image

Save the product

Once you have completed the the 4 steps mentioned above you could add free products to your cart goals

To learn how to remove this products from Shopify search, click here

watch this video tutorial


The free product that I just created isn't appearing in the app. What should i do?
Here are possible solutions:
- Refresh page (reloads the products into our app)
- Make sure the product type is - free_product

What does the product type do?
- Tells our app this is a free product.
- Redirects anyone who visits the product page to the home page to stop people from purchasing.
- Removes product from checkout when it doesn't meet unlock requirements.

Reach out to the team if you need any more help. 😊

Updated on: 24/10/2023

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