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SupportCorner: How to change FAQ page URL?

The sub-path of the FAQ page URL needs to be set from your Shopify dashboard first and then copied to SupportCorner's app settings.

Don't worry, we will walk you right through these steps.

First go to your Shopify Dashboard > Apps > Click on "About" on SupportCorner app.

You should see a setting in the page that opens called "App Proxy URL".

You will have a drop-down followed by a text input field. This setting controls the sub-path to your FAQ page (the portion of the URL in between your shopify domain name,
and the article's name in the URL).

Keep the drop-down setting as it is ( You can change the text portion as you wish (for e.g /help or /faq or /support).

Once you do that, you need to do the same in the SupportCorner dashboard > Assistant > FAQ Page > Change FAQ Page URL> click the button > and add the desired url.

Then visit your new FAQ page URL (you may need to wait a couple of minutes while Shopify server updates their cache etc.

And you are done!

Updated on: 28/09/2022

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