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Does Corner Cart support external checkout solutions like Shopflo?

Corner cart only supports third party checkouts partially. Our app is built to work smoothly on Shopify's native checkout solution. If you use other checkout solution you will have to override our default checkout behaviour. Tutorial on how to do that is linked at the very end of this doc.

Do keep in mind that certain features in our app might not work as intended if you are using a 3rd party checkout.

In this document we will see which all features work and might not work when you are using a third party checkout

What works without any issues

Adding Items to the cart
Removing Items to the cart
Adding items to the cart from Cart Upsell items

What doesnt works out of the box

Discount codes added in discount discount box in cart
Free gifts and Order discounts in Cart Goals

What all can i do to make cornercart support things that I want?

We have a powerful WebSdk to tweak the working of our cart to a great extent. With help of this and some coding knowledge you might be able to add a partial support to these kind of third party checkouts. So refer them before you decide whether to or not to use our app. To help you with it refer the following documents

How to customize checkout behaviour in cornercart?

How to integrate Recharge Subscription APP?

How to use webSDK?

Updated on: 26/06/2023

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