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How to exclude a specific product from cart goal campaign?

To exclude specific products from being taken into account when calculating reward conditions, follow these steps:

Login to Your Shopify Admin:
Access your Shopify store's admin panel.

Open the Product You Want to Exclude:
Navigate to the product that you wish to exclude from reward calculations.

Edit Product Tags:
Within the product editing page, locate the "Tags" section. Here, you will add a specific tag to the product.

Add the Tag:
Add the following tag to the product.

Add the Tag "corner-cart-goal-exclude"

This tag will inform the Corner app that this particular product should not be considered when determining reward conditions.

Save Changes:
Save the changes you've made to the product by clicking the appropriate button.

By using the "corner-cart-goal-exclude" tag, you gain more control over how rewards are calculated in the Corner app. This is especially useful when you want to exclude certain products that might skew the reward conditions or when specific products are not eligible for inclusion in these calculations.

Updated on: 30/08/2023

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