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How to set a Free Shipping cart goal?

How to set a free shipping cart goal

For example : Spend 400 INR to get free shipping

Step 1: Make sure that you setup free shipping options in Shopify Admin first. Click this link to learn more

Step 2: Go inside the Campaigns, and click on the Cart Goal (or you can also click on the edit button)

Step 3: Select the Goal Type as "Total Cart Value"

Step 4: Click Goal 1

Step 5: Enter the amount in Spend Goal (as per the above mentioned example, enter 400) and select the Reward as "Free Shipping"

Step 6: After making the required changes on text (optional), click on "Save Changes" button and make the campaign Active.

Shipping Progress bar will be enabled in the Cart drawer as shown below

Updated on: 09/03/2023

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